Thursday, November 19, 2009



Black Granite - South Africa
Grey Granite - China
Pine Wood- Canada

0.60m x 0.22m x 1.90m

Private Collection

The Story

To make a sculpture using traditional materials stone and wood and with a title '' Black Hole '' I feel the design concept is limited in how to portray the Black Hole of outer space , right now I can think of four different ways I could make this sculpture using only stone and wood but if you were to think of  ' installation ' you have opened up the possibilities of making a sculpture with a title  '' Black Hole ''.  
                                  In the making of art in any form be it in the traditional ways or the ' new ways ' as in materials that we can use in this time we are now in , and the way we now look at art and what we accept as art , what I am saying is , the ' rules ' in today's thinking of  ' what is art ' either don't exist or are bent , in other words , room for more play and experimentation in the making  not like in the past , where if you did not finish the stone or the painting in the traditional way it was just not accepted by the so called art establishment or the collectors . Today we have more freedom for expression in the arts that everybody has the chance to be an artist even by profession .
                                 If I was born 200 years ago I would not be accepted as an artist unless I did my training in the academies and followed the rules of the time then and only then I might have the chance of making my living as an artist . Today is a good time to be an artist , freedom in technique and freedom in expression .
The only rule I would feel and apply to myself  is , try for 100% . Registered & Protected

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