Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Green Limestone - Ireland
Granite - Ireland
Brass Bar

0.31m high

Model for large public work

Model in Private Collection

The ' sail ' can also be made in Stainless Steel which could rotate and the ' boat ' in a local stone of the location for the sculpture .

The Story

This is a work in the Abstract style that is designed to be sited at a waterfront with the sea as the background . I want to give the feeling and the appearance of a sail moving on the sea as if you as the
observer looked out to sea and for a couple of seconds the sail had a mirage effect on you . The brass rod is symbolic of sun light passing down the sail and in it's reality would reflect the sun light at different times of the day . The limestone as the sail and the granite as the boat would have a high polish to reflect the sun .
The sculpture is to capture the ' moment ' in the action . Registered & Protected

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