Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Explicit Sexual Confessions of an Albino Rabbit.

Coil built Ball Clay. Electric High Fired.

Finish; Acrylic Paint, 24k Pearl Gold.   Size; 11in. x 10in. x12in.   Year; 2013
Edition; One off. Artist's Collection.

Artist's Statement;  ''The making of my art is a solitude endeavor between me, my material and the subconscious mind and to bring that balance into a reality. I like to think that my work reflects my thoughts and values with the interaction of my human emotions but also in breaking away from conventions and that for me as an artist is very much the self discovery.''

                                       The Story
This sculpture is a 'God and Us' story. The big guy sprawled out in the chair sitting in judgement with the Minnie Mouse mask, gold sunglasses, red bra and painted toe nails is the acting God. The Albino rabbit is symbolic of mankind ...'Albino' because of no discrimination on race and 'rabbit' because of breeding ... the unspoken need to reproduce. The golden stair's is symbolic of death that leads to Judgement Day ... and the rabbit being held down at the back of the chair ... is it being strangled or caressed ... who knows what happens at the end of life.   


                                                                                          Creative Commons License
The Explicit Sexual Confessions of an Albino Rabbit. by daf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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