Sunday, May 12, 2013

''A Moment in a Rose Garden''

Material :  Plywood and acrylic paint.

Size :    24 inches x 16 inches
             [ 0.61m x 0.41m ]

    Private CollectionIreland.

The Story ...
When I did this painting in 1997 I more or less stopped painting at the time without giving it any thought ... and this had nothing to do with me in coming to that decision at the time about me painting but I do remember when a painter, a so-called 'friend' saw it and told me in all seriousness I should stick with my sculpture. Human nature I will never understand but I realize our emotions can get in the way. The reason why we are different from all other life forms is because we can be creative and this is something that is very personal but then we let it go and move on to the next work. Artists are people who live to be creative, speaking for myself and the emotions are what's involved in creativity and maybe it's because we can use creativity to express our self's where words can fail. An image is more powerful for an instant reaction from the mind and can leave that first impression implanted for a long time, even for a life. The artist depends on the emotions of the viewer to give the artwork a 'life' and not necessarily what the artist may have intended. As human beings we have invented everything as we know it, including knowledge and religion and to be creative is an extension of that mind to explore and be inventive.
I would encourage all to be creative and therefore I would feel mankind, apart from yourself would be the better for it ... don't think, but do. Be creative and keep away from people who belittle your creativity, they will have their own agendas in life.

 ''A Moment in a Rose Garden'' is stepping out of myself and being free as the bird flying over that rose garden.''

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

'Day One'

Polished Irish Limestone.


13in. High

Private Collection - Belfast, Ireland.

The Story.
Everything about the carving of this sculpture I remember and since 1987 to this year 2013 it will be regarded by me as one of the sculptures where I felt in tune with the stone and though the work is in a private collection I would pay 10 times and more what I received for it to have it with me today.

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