Saturday, March 20, 2010



Limestone, Ireland.
White Granite, Ireland.

0.32m x 0.26m x 1m High

Private Collection

The Story

Not all sculpture needs the 'written word' to explain the meaning behind the work, some can 'speak' for themselves and  therefore the message that the sculptor is trying to convey is not lost to the viewer. When I show my work in exhibition I do not give the 'The Story' as to the thinking behind and therefore the making of the sculpture, I leave it to the viewer to form their own 'Story' through their emotions to the sculpture, but some works I feel need the 'written word' to help the viewer understand and therefore appreciate the work and where the artist was coming from with his idea to make the sculpture and ''CHECKMATE TO GOD'' is such a work that deserves 'The Story'.

My message in this work is; ''As above so below'' .....  these were also the words I kept in mind while in the process of making the sculpture. Starting at the top of the sculpture, the white granite pieces represent the Galaxy's, the 'heavens' as in the whole infinite universe and are movable as in the chess game. While moving the pieces we ourselves become the player, the god, therefore in moving the pieces we are responsible to and for 'everything', it's like raising our subconscious through our actions. The 'universe pieces' are placed on a mirror, '' As above so below ''. The mirror's form, as in the pointed corners, is my way of showing it all moves out in all directions and also to look like a compass needle, giving directions.... in any direction it will be the same situation ..... infinity.
The bottom stone, and not a pedestal, is one limestone block with the top part polished and represents 'Creation' holding it all together. The cuts into the edges of the stone are symbolic of 'time travel'. Standing on a white granite 'stone-section' of a circle, representing the 'perfection' in the Universe and Creation.

What you now have, as the viewer of  ''CHECKMATE TO GOD'' and after reading 'The Story' is the meaning behind the work and a glimpse into my 'thinking' in the making of the sculpture. The work itself , I will leave to your own subconscious mind, and the title ''CHECKMATE TO GOD''....... who's to know. Registered & Protected

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EmMeLiNe said...

nice story on the sculpture. u r a great writer!