Thursday, January 13, 2011




''Next ...''

It was a terrible blinding light and he was pulled in,
somehow it meant safety to him.
The sign was now green,
a voice said ... 
''When the sign is green I could go in but wait to be called.'' ... He remembered that being said to him
and that's all he remembered ... 
him now standing before Him ...
and then the thought of the old belief flashed in
that the soul lingers near the body for a few days after death,
definitely bewildered, unsure and lost, in a void,
waiting nervously for a sign ..
maybe like this green sign,
a sign to indicate 'go' ... but 'go' where, 
none-the-less ... lost ... 
and that is all ... lost until called,
and now here they are. 
So when ten thousand lives are viewed
they are like the reflection of the moon in the water,
but who has he been.
He looked down from somewhere at his white hair and white skin starting to turn steel gray in color and he thought that maybe at one time he might have been a fair human being but he would not have known that because he did not know himself now ...
 if there was such a time it was in another time,
another life that he now forgets,  
and now here he is,
standing before Him.

''You again ... what is it,''
He asked ..
''What is it you want ... you would think I have all the time in the world for this.?''

''O God,''
he said ..
''Everything as before, I want to go back to that life as it was before.''

''Everything ... you are not asking for too much ... you don't think it's a bit late for this request, and I take it it's just a request ... you can't be that silly or naive ... but I am afraid that cannot be, you have been called, this is your time according to the contract I have here in my hand ... you see my hand and you see the contract, well it's all down here in black and white ... this is your time and that is your details ... came up fast on you, didn't it, you thought you had time on your side to patch things up, to make amends but the contract states here in my own writing and your mark that this is your time and 'that' life is finished with now ... but you can go back to another life and time because you have many more lives to live and learn before your journey is complete, the human mind can only imagine a tiny fraction of what you are in all of this ... what will I call it, 'Game' ... but stored in you and safe from your own small mind you have all the knowledge and experiences of your past lives and all of the answers to everything, it's all for building you up to mature fully into the immense, and I do mean, the immense consciousness of the universe ... imagine that, is this a good 'game' or not ... and you are the only player, and of course, Me too ... but that's our little secret ... are you testing me when you asked for ... Everything.?''

''I don't remember anything now or from the past ... why am I being reincarnated ... what's the point, why I have to go through the agony and the ecstasy of it all again and again and again and again ... why.?''

''Stop whining ... If you don't remember how would you know it's agony and ecstasy and why are you asking me 'Why' ... you know 'Why' but you just don't remember right now but if you stay here long enough you will begin to remember and that's not playing the 'Game' ... you are slipping away now, on your way back, back to another life, as requested by you and granted by my good self, but the time will come when all will be revealed to you and you too will be like Me and Yahweh and all the other names you gave Me, but you don't remember that right now ... but did we have fun in making up all of those names ... ''just to add to the confusion it will cause them {you} in trying to work it all out'' ... your very own words, and we had a good laugh over that ...
'Why' ...
I will tell you again and again because my toleration for you is quite high in this 'Game' and besides I made you and like a parent for a child toleration is a must, and you are my child  .... but you will not remember because you cannot cope with it if you were to know, it would be too much for you to carry around with you from life to life and then all the fun in the 'Game' will be gone ... so lets be stereotypical in this, and we are very stereotypical in all things, and besides, I like to hear myself talk of the plans I laid down, sorry ...'WE' laid down for the rules of this never ending 'Game' we are part of till the end of your time as you know it .... you will like this one when I tell you and it might even bring a smile to your face ... you need to lighten-up here ... not be so sad looking.
Every act of kindness and badness you have done, you have done it to yourself, every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human being was or will be in any one time or all together will and always will be experienced by you ... you are everyone that ever was and ever will be, the king and the dictator, the priest and the imam, the rabbi, the book thumping preacher, the missionary and the lay-man who both feel that every soul they save is a plus for them ... all who claim I am their 'God' and that theirs is the one and only true religion and all claim they speak for me ... we will leave them with their beliefs for man will always find it hard to mend his ways and change his rights or wrongs  ... but lets not forget the scientist who wants to believe in evolution for this he can prove but a proof that a 'God' exists is little more complex and harder to show solid evidence and where would we be without the artist in all of this mayhem, he feels, but not all mind you, that he stands away from all of this as he is the free-thinker-freewill-observer for all of mankind ... I could go on but I should hope you have the idea in what's involved here ... and here's the punch line, this will really throw you ... yes, you were all of these in the past, present and the future .. it's only you and me in all of this but it took a long time for you to get to where you are now and some time far off from this time it will all seem so simple to you what I am telling you now but all in good time for together we cut into stone the rules for the future 'Game Plan' ... you don't remember, that's also in the 'Game Plan' ...
'Why' ...
Because you are all things and on your way to becoming a 'God' ...
don't you want to be like Me, all powerful, loved and feared by all, tell me, but then again I don't really care what you think ... is that not the be-all-and-end-all-mother-of-all-power-control-freaking- situations to be in ... rivers of ink and blood ... yours, have and will flow in my name and this too will all be yours ... this is the 'End Game Plan' ... needless to say human beings do insane things in the name of their faith and thinking they are pleasing Me ... sometimes the 'Game' can get out of control but who is in control here and need I remind you that I have told you in the beginning when we were in the garden that when I made you from clay and even made for you a companion from your own body, the female likeness of yourself ... I will not interfere, not now and not in the future ... but you seem to think all this is in my name and that's where you have it all twisted like a tornado out of control ... and the rules bend like a tree in the wind and then, broken, like a promise ... remember ... any questions? .... no, don't answer, don't even think about it.
'Why' ...
The answer to this question is quite obvious now ... you need me so you can have a GOD and I need you to be GOD ... that's the short answer.''

He died in fear,
on his own, angry and bitter,
feeling cheated by life and God.



''Next ...''          

It was a terrible blinding light and he was pulled in,
somehow it meant safety to him.
The sign was now green.
He said ...

''You again .... what is it now.?''

''O God,''
he said ..
''Everything as before, I want to go back to that life as it was

''Everything ... as before ... you are not asking for too much ...
and you are testing me now but I am a 'Good God' and so I will help you ... again.                                                     
If you know exactly where you have been
and know exactly how you arrived here
then you will know exactly 
how to get back everything as it was before.''

The End.
The Finish.
The Conclusion.

''It is not even the beginning, to be continued '' .... Registered & Protected


Terry said...

Thought provoking. Perhaps only an agnostic would truly understand the 'need for god' aspect, ie accepting there is a (lets call it)'god', but having no vested interest in manipulating whatever truths may be revealed.

daf said...

Terry thanks for your comment and would like to answer with this thought .... Some people, I would say most. are attracted religions because they are struggling with inner fear of the 'what if' kind.

Unknown said...

Good day mate, hope to be able to find you here in this comment colunm. As far as i can see from the latest scultures that you have created with all the luscious comb of dark thick hair, i would fully recommend that you do a sculture of the Mongolian Motiff for its resemblane and style, and this is no ordinary as it is the most pricy and rare dog at was transacted as near to a million SGD from a rich chinese woman. It does stand out for its stature and size as oppose to the cat which is the mascot for Kuching,Sarawak.

daf said...

Hi Sun
Thank you for joining my blog as a follower and your comment ... will check out the Mongolian Motiff.