Thursday, April 07, 2011


Public art in a public space .... an identity for all.
Commission this sculpture on a large scale 


Material;   Coil-built Ball Clay. Electric High-Fired 
Clay is from Borneo. Ball clays are relatively scarce deposits due to the combination of geological factors needed for their formation and preservation.

Size;   Scaled up to any size in stone of your choice.

Maquette Finish;   Wax Dye and 24K Pearl Gold

Year {Maquette};   2007

 Commission as a public work

A 'Certificate of Proof' will be provided and signed by the Artist.
Copyright remains with the Artist.
If you are interested in commissioning this work on a large scale please contact me at ....

The Thinking Behind The Work ...

This sculpture is a political statement.
It is dealing with power and the loss of it and as human beings how we gain, by force or merit to control power. To most people power is a 'mirage' something that is far off in the distance that can never be reached, they can see it but it fades away and a reminder that opportunities come and go both for individual and countries alike.  

'The Mirage-King' is a sculpture that sends out the message to all that power shifts, it never stays with one person for long or in one country. This sculpture is a statement of past, future and the present time we live in and can never lose it's message in any generation. As human beings we tend to need reminders to be human and public sculpture is one of the ways that this can happen, where it can interact with the viewer and be accessible to all. 

This work can be of any scale and in any material though I designed it with stone in mind and carved from one block. The surface finish is 'comb' to give the effect of movement in the sculpture both up close and from a distance. As you can see I photograph my maquette with the sea and coast line as the back drop for if this was the reality the sculpture would become
a landmark. 

The King, all powerful in theory but only too fragile in reality, The Mirage. Registered & Protected

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