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Material; Coil-built Ball Clay Electric High-Fired.
Clay is from Borneo. Ball clays are relatively scarce deposits due to the combination of geological factors needed for their formation and preservation.

Size;  35 inches high. {0.889mm}

Finish; Wax Dye, Acrylic Paint, and 24K Pearl Gold.

Edition; One Off ... No Copies Made {Original Artists Proof }

Year; 2009

A 'Certificate of Proof' will be provided and signed by the Artist.

Copyright remains with the Artist. If you are interested in this work for your collection please contact me at ....

                           The thinking behind the work ....

I wanted to make a work that implied sexual connotations through out without being vulgar or erotic and at the same time being sexual in all aspects of the word. To involve emotions of loneliness and yet contentment in mind.
                                 In this work 'My Pet' I am the symbolist artist but I am also trying to convey visually what can be written in words without leaving the reader any doubt as to what is going on and so when it comes to the visual you are left to your own emotions and as to where you are in your acceptance of life and your fellow Human Being.

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