Saturday, April 13, 2013


 Irish Gray Granite
9 in. High x 12 in.Long 
{ 23cm High x 30cm Long }

Private Collection - Japan

The Story ...
'Opus One' was made on invitation specially for a touring exhibition in Japan which took place in 2004 - 2005. Apart from 'Opus One' being a finished sculpture in it's own right it was also intended as a model for a large public work in granite to be sited in Japan which unfortunately for me did not happen
 Today I am still happy with this work because I felt at the time it was a new direction for me in my stone work and also in how I was 'looking' at stone that I also felt a 'maturity' both of mind and experience in working the stone was now with me and hence the title ... 'Opus One' came to me when the sculpture was completed. It was a symbolic statement on my part that this is the 'one' work that came from all of my previous works in the stone.

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