Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Are we a pair?

Coil built Ball Clay. Electric High Fired.
Clay is from Borneo. Ball clay's are relatively scarce deposits due to the combination of geological factors needed for their formation and preservation.

Finish; Acrylic Paint, 24k Pearl Gold.     Size; Life Size     Year; 2011 
Edition; One off. Artist's Collection.

Artist's Statement;      ''The making of my art is a solitude endeavor between me, my material and the subconscious mind and to bring that balance into a reality. I like to think that my work reflects my thoughts and values with the interaction of my human emotions but also in breaking away from conventions and that for me as an artist is very much the self discovery.''

                                                                    The Story 
The CLOWNS ... a symbolic work in human form of conscious and subconscious ... which seems to show up in a lot of my work over the years. The clown with the tramp-like hat is the subconscious self. He can swim and fly at the same time, totally carefree and exits only outside of the conscious and that's why he is looking away from the second clown ... conscious. Looking straight ahead and aware of everything that's going on, emotions, thoughts, fears, pain, all the human stuff that's in play everyday ... but at the back of conscious it's all sinking. The boat, Ego is split into two and going down but thought, fear, pain and the emotions are hanging on to conscious for their survival ... the story of all human beings. 


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