Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Located outside Main Cemetery
3m High

5th International Symposium in Stone

This work is dedicated to the Men who lost their lives working the Granite Quarries of Sardinia.

The Story

I quarried this stone myself with the help of the men who spend their life's , father and son , working the quarries [ a world into it's own ] of  Sardinia . When we were removing the stone from the mountain I had no idea as to what I was going to carve . At the time I was enjoying the work and the stories the men were telling me of today , not so long ago and way into the past , also the sun , the lunches and the joy of just been there in the mountains of Sardinia made of granite and working with men who feared and respected nature these people are a special breed . It was the stories that left a strong imprint on my memory , still to this day . The happy and funny stories that made me laugh and the sad stories that would make you cry as to how some of the men came to die working the quarry and it was at this time I knew what I was to carve from the block of granite .
THE GRANITE FRUIT TREE..... is a symbolic work , the combination of nature as in the form of the 'tree' symbolic of life , and the 'fruit' , symbolic of the men who are born to work the granite and die with the granite dust in their blood .
THE GRANITE FRUIT TREE is sited outside the main gates of the cemetery in Budduso as a reminder and in honor of the men who work the stone . Registered & Protected

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