Thursday, September 24, 2009



(Provincia di Venezia)

2m long x 1.5m high

5th International Symposium in Trachite

The Story

The town of Caorle on the East coast of Italy like most coastal towns around the world uses boulders to keep the sea from eating away the coast line , but unlike most coastal towns , Caorle came up with the idea of inviting sculptors in to carve the stones on site on the promenade . The town gets the sculpture and the sculptor gets the town , as a place for his work . Like all promenades this one is very popular amongst the people as a favorite walking place in the evenings and apart from their enjoyment of the see air they get the bonus of a '' slide show '' of sculpture as they walk . My work REINCARNATION OF THE BOY KING is a religious work , and not to far from where I worked I could hear the church bells and it was the church bells that I heard when viewing my stone for the first time so it more or less fell into place . There is always the gamble I take in doing work on a ' feeling ' . I start on the idea and in the process of the work it then becomes an exchange between the stone , the ' feeling ' and me [ the tool ] . In this work the lion and the lioness is what I kept 'seeing ' in the stone and from their union came the ' Boy King ' in human form .......... it's a different angle on the religious stories......... but it's mine . Registered & Protected

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EmMeLiNe said...

Wow..great and creative looks so real!!great job....