Thursday, November 05, 2009




Gray Granite - Ireland
Limestone - Ireland

Private Collection

The Story

I made this work in a naive style and giving it a ' tribal ' appearance to try to convey a ' rawness ' energy and in keeping with the title of the work . It was the title that I came up with first and then made the work to the feeling of the words and in giving the sculpture it's own energy and presence when you stand beside it , as if you were standing beside a human being telling you he is a ' broken man '.  Sometimes a sculpture does not need a title and can give out it's own message in the way the work is presented but I like to title my work as the title along with the work is just as important for they together complete the work .
It can be like a human being having no name , we are at a loss as to how to make contact and then we feel our own confidence is threatened . Registered & Protected

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