Saturday, November 14, 2009




Limestone - Ireland
Marble - Italy

0.46m x 0.19m x 0.32m high

Model for Public Work
Collection of the Artist

The Story

' Counter Balance ' is a sculpture that I tried to portray a message of spirituality within our everyday life in our time .
The top part is symbolic of the arms of a scales with the gold leaf connected to the heavens balanced on the house symbolic of our habitat and the white marble symbolic of us as Human Beings in my stylised version of yin and yang and all balanced on the world .
In the appearance of the sculpture and the initial impact on the mind of the viewer on first seeing it , and without making any judgements ,  I wanted to give the overall feeling of spirituality in balance and in strength and lightness as in ' floating '. The sculpture is viewed 360 degrees , in that , as you approach it from any angle it ' reads ' the same .
A sculpture should ' connect ' to the people in some way that it can stimulate in mind , feelings as in sensations and emotions and in that way it lives on in their minds , consciously or sub-consciously and then it becomes part of us that we could have the same feelings towards it as if it was ' living ' .
' Counter Balance ' is a sculpture for people of all persuasions that it ' connects ' to their inner senses as  Human Beings . Registered & Protected

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