Wednesday, February 23, 2011




Material;   Coil-built Ball Clay Electric High-Fired
                                Clay is from Borneo
Ball clays are relatively scarce deposits due to the combination of geological factors needed for their formation and preservation.

Size;    29 inches High   [ 0.7366 m ]

Finish;   Wax Dye, Acrylic Paint, Wood and 24K Pearl Gold

Edition;   One Off ... No Copies Made
                   {Original Artists proof }

Year;   2009

For Sale

This work is sold as the original, Artists Proof.
There are no copies made.
A Certificate of Proof  will be provided and signed by the Artist.
Copyright remains with the Artist.
If you are interested in purchasing this work for your collection
 please contact me at ....

The Thinking Behind The Work ....

Like most of my work this sculpture developed in the making. I wanted to show women strong in mind and yet feminine, in controle and birth. The machine like fish with a cockerel head held in tight grip under her arm is symbolic of man's sexuality and she's in controle of the future generation both under her arm and in her tummy. Her helmet is her confidence and protection with engraved design of a butterfly from birth to death. In viewing this work I would like to hope the viewer will have the impression of the Venetian ladies of the 15th century then the sculpture plays on the mind. Registered & Protected


Jlau said...

The Venetian Lady describes the strength and beauty of the everyday woman - beautiful, graceful,friendly smiles,motherly, calm and gentle. These are some unique qualities as I can relate from the work

daf said...

It is only a woman who can 'open' to this work and it is only a man who can see the woman in the work ..

HianHui said...

The artist who passionately sculpted this beautiful lady can be the woman's man who only knows the inner beauty and emotions of the woman.

daf said...

HianHui ... I can answer your comment in this way .. ''that while I am making the sculpture ''I am'' the sculpture.''