Sunday, March 13, 2011

'G8 ... THIS IS NO HEAVEN ...'

Public art in a public space .... an identity for all
Commission this sculpture on a large scale

Title;   G8 ... THIS IS NO HEAVEN ...

                             SEE NO TREES
                                  HEAR NO BIRDS AND BEES
                                           NOW ON OUR KNEES.

Material;   Coil-built Ball Clay Electric High-Fired
                                Clay is from Borneo
Ball clays are relatively scarce deposits due to the combination of geological factors needed for their formation and preservation.

Maquette Size;   Life Size 16 inches High  [0.406.4m]
                                   Can be scaled up to any size
Maquette Finish;   Wax Dye and Acrylic Paint

Year;   2008

 Commission as a public work

A 'Certificate of Proof' will be provided and signed by the Artist.
Copyright remains with the Artist.
If you are interested in commissioning this work on a large scale please contact me at ....

The Thinking Behind The Work ...

'G8 ... THIS IS NO HEAVEN ...' 
This sculpture is an environmental statement.
The work is depicting a baby, symbolic of the future generation,
blindfolded and holding the burnt-out stump of a tree also in the form of a candle. My idea behind this work is to show how innocent the future generations are to the destruction,
man made or natural to our Eco system.
What I would like to see is for this work to be commissioned and made on a very large scale and placed in public.
The strong message that it sends out will read the same any where in the world in making the statement of how our Eco system affects future generations. Each generation and human being has a responsibility to protect the environment.

Is there someone or some country that believes in this sculpture to make it a reality for it's message to reach the world .. it should not die with me in my studio. Registered & Protected


Jlau said...

This is a strong message for the world to take heed and to take care of the environment for many more generations to come....a permanent display in a public park would be brilliant .....

daf said...

I would like for someone to be brave enought to take up my offer for this sculpture to come alive in the public's eye and not sit in my studio to die with me.