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Title;    ''UNCLE''

Material;   Coil-built Ball Clay Electric High-Fired
                                        Clay is from Borneo
Ball clays are relatively scarce deposits due to the combination of geological factors needed for their formation and preservation.

Size;    6feet 6inches High including base
                              [ 2m.]

Finish;    Wax Dye, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Leather, Metal, Cloth                  and 24k Pearl Gold

Edition;    One Off ... No Copies Made
                      {Original Artists proof }

Year;    2010

For Sale

This work is sold as the original, Artists Proof.
There are no copies made.
A Certificate of Proof will be provided and signed by the Artist.
Copyright remains with the Artist.
If you are interested in purchasing this work for your collection
please contact me at ....

The Thinking Behind The Work ...

My work in clay has brought me into symbolism and realism because I am doing what the material allows me to do and I find there is no end to what can be done in clay and 'UNCLE' I feel is a good example of that. In the making of 'UNCLE' I worked from the bottom up, that is feet to head and at the time I had no idea that the sculpture was going to have Chinese features. By this time the sculpture was already moving in it's own direction and hence the name 'UNCLE'. The Chinese out of respect to an older person will call them Uncle and so the sculpture gave me the title.
You can see 'UNCLE' is a proud man by his stance and the tilt of his head in spite of his 'handicap' which I want to give the impression of an accident, maybe due to his work. By the goggles and the arm gloves 'UNCLE' is telling you he was a welder, a master welder and this I am showing by the goggles in 24K Pearl Gold. Half way down his body and in the left pocket there is a rose symbolic that he is a romantic and not angry with life in spite of his 'handicap'. The other pocket has a golden spoon with a 'death mask' symbolic that he had wealth in his time but lost it. The socks covering the stumps of his arms and the chop sticks is for the viewer to think in how 'UNCLE' feeds himself and do the basic functions that other human beings take for granted. 
'UNCLE' is wearing one rubber boot with a fish head at the toe .. it is my symbolism in this sculpture for birth and death. We are born in water hence the rubber boot and the fish is symbolic of life but the fish head is death. His other foot is dealing with his childhood. He has a sock foot, symbolic of moving into life and the foot on the teddy bear is putting childhood things away. I am indicating that his childhood was not easy by the patch over one eye, symbolic that he kept one eye on the future and the other closed to his childhood and the 'peg-leg' meaning in his childhood there were also problems for him, that he did not walk through it. Also with the welder goggles he has one eye exposed keeping one eye on the future of what is left to him. Registered & Protected


Jlau said...

As a Chinese, I find this work very touching and emotionally moving

daf said...

Your comment is valued ...

BenNG said...

A noble work - from a Western Sculptor.The understanding of the typical hard life of the Chinese man in olden times.A fine blend -East(Uncle) meets West(Sculptor DAF)

daf said...

BenNG your comment I will take as a 'high compliment'.

Anonymous said...

Another great work from you Daf. Its amazing how one sculptor can symbbolizes the whole life of the subject.


daf said...

Thank you JJ for your comment. In my work I put a great deal of thought but I will also let the sculpture run it's own course.

Unknown said...

Like this one, great work.

Tan Wei Kheng