Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two old men , Cain and Able are ending their days in a home where people go for many reasons . They have all of their lives worked , raised family's , paid their taxes and prayed to their God and now are paying to end their days in ' comfort ' and spend most of their time going over in their minds  ' What if I had it all over again ' syndrome . The two in a way depended on each other for consolation in the  ' What if ' syndrome , things they talked about was just not talked about outside of themselves and their friendship grew deeper in that , for each was telling forgotten secrets .

One afternoon , Able , who was partly deaf in both ears turned to Cain who was blind in both eyes but also ' blind ' to many things in life , did not do a lot if thinking for himself and therefore was quite content to go with the majority for the sake of a ' quite life ' .......... '' CAIN '' ...... Able shouted , '' No need to shout you can ' see ' I am right here beside you '' ........ '' Yea ..... sorry , but I just had one of those thoughts that stab you like a knife from behind ''........ '' This should be good '' answered Cain and getting himself ready for some heavy duty ' insight ' lit another non-filter which reminded him to get another pack regardless what the doctor said . Three packs a day and still going but always said throughout his life '' It won't be the smokes that will kill me but somebody back stabbing me will do the trick ''.

Able , keeping in mind now to keep his voice down and looking around him quickly always had this fear throughout his life that someone was sneaking up on him said , ....... '' You know we have been the best of friends now for the last couple of years we are just like ' brothers ' in fact you can almost say we are ' family' '' ....... '' O.K. cut the crap and get to the point '' said Cain showing his short temper that at times could make Able feel the air around him turn cold . '' Well as I said it's just a thought , but I never really did ask you what you did in your early years for a job ''.

Cain , uneasy with what he had just heard but giving it a long thought and blowing out rings of smoke that looked like halos drifting towards Able decided to answer truthfully , might as well say it now than go to the grave with it , .......  '' I was a mercenary  '' ...... '' Well I'll be damned '', said Able ,  '' Who would have thought that ...... a missionary ''. Registered & Protected

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