Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two long time friends are sitting on the same park bench as they have always done . One of the men , folding up the well read government letter telling him that his only son will never be returning home , and putting it into his pocket with a long sigh said , '' Do you think that if we were two brothers or a father and son that we could sit here for most days not speaking a word and be content in our own company ''. His friend , who was well use this kind of talk from his friend asking ' life and death ' questions , stretched out his feet and said , '' I don't know , but if so it would be the best friendship that anyone could ask for in a life time ''........... '' yea '' ........... and the government letter came out again for another read in the hope that the words would have a different meaning .

'' Everyone , with no exceptions has past misfortunes but they also have their blessings . To pine over what cannot be undone is to die a slow death ''. Registered & Protected

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