Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two foxes are sitting on top of a hill looking down at hens going about their daily business .  One of the foxes was a lot older and more experienced in catching hens and tended to take his time , surveying all that he saw and to be sure he was going to come away with a hen or two when he made his move .  The younger fox getting all excited in seeing so many hens and looking for the biggest sack he could find was working himself up into a sweat thinking of the number of hens he was going to come away with when he made his move . Now the older fox was so relaxed that he took a nap but this was too much for the younger fox that he was getting all stressed out , heart beating at twice it's pace , feeling weak and starting not to think straight , all he wanted was to move on the hens .  The older fox , smelling stress and fear opened one eye and looking at the younger fox told him , take it easy , sit and relax , smell the air , but the younger fox all he could do was smell hens .  Look , said the older fox , the hens are going nowhere so what we do is wait till they had their fill then when we move they will be so full they won't be able to run that we just pick them off like fruit of a tree ...............

'' It is best in all aspects of life to have a little patience and understanding , this comes with maturity and lessons learned from the past that bridges in the future can be crossed ''. Registered & Protected

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