Thursday, January 14, 2010


 A frog is sitting on the edge of a pond looking at his reflection in the water and feeling very sad and dejected when a swan came up to him and said , '' O.K. froggy , I have been watching you most days now like this and I have to say you are getting me down , so what's the problem ''.  The frog falls back onto his back and looking up to the sky as if the answer might be there written in the clouds says , sometimes in my day I feel I am drowning but I try never to let it get me down and in time I come around and jump up and down but then I just might get that drowning feeling all over again ''.  The swan looking at the frog with a smile says , '' that's a normal feeling when you are getting old , don't you know that everything is in flux , your body , your mind and everything else in nature , all in a flux , so if you can do it gracefully go with the flow in everything and life becomes a little more easy to cope with in living and in letting go of it ''.  The swan swims away knowing that the frog is dying but he has not come to terms with it yet . Registered & Protected

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