Sunday, January 17, 2010


 The rains were non-stop at times now for the last three weeks and the fishermen could not go out to sea nor could they stay in their homes , they were out-door people and staying under a roof other than to sleep was not in their nature , so they would meet up in the coffee shop passing their time in playing cards , telling worn out stories and debating about the weather .  Some times the debates would turn into miner rows , they were edgy over the weather and this was understood amongst the men , they needed to go to sea , money was getting spent and nothing coming in , it's enough to make any man uneasy .
Two old fishermen were sitting in the corner of an even older coffee shop that seemed to be always there , smoking and looking at the younger men and thinking they have it all ahead of them , young fools .  The older of the two by three days turned to the other man , a life time friend , never seem to be apart that most people thought they were brothers for it was the older man's mother who reared the two when the younger man's mother died giving birth to his twin brother not too far from where they were sitting ,  in fact in the back room of the very same coffee shop they were sitting in now . The older man by three days asked , with some concern on his face ,   '' Where do you think we go when we die ''? .....   '' Why do you ask , do you think we came from somewhere and that we go back to it , and what kind of question is that , you never struck me to be one thinking about such things like that '' .....   '' Well I have been giving it some thought for some time now , so where do you think we go when we die ''? .......
The other old man was now feeling older than he was never gave such things like dying any thought , it just wasn't in him to think such things but now it started to play on his mind that when he looked at his friend he was looking at his twin brother.  Both men sat there in their one thought and looking at the younger men getting excited over the cards , some losing badly needed money that would be hard to make up again and others trying to make up for the lost of earnings at the cards , that at times you could feel the tension in the air along with the smell of coffee , stale cigarette smoke and rain.  The owner of the coffee shop , now third generation coffee shop owner , even though he was glad of the business had been through times like this before , but now he would be happy to see the rains stop , and when passing the older fishermen in the corner said ,   '' They are getting restless with no where to go but here , cooped up in this place as if it was their coffin , I wish they go to sea soon and for this rain to stop so things can go back to normal ''
The older men now turned to each as if the answer came to them both at the same time but the one who was asking the question did not speak but just had a grin on his lips and seemed now to be at ease with himself , as for the other he just smiled and said ,  '' We go to sea .'' Registered & Protected

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