Thursday, January 14, 2010

J. and S.

Two shepherds , J. and S. are watching over their sheep grazing when one of the shepherds , S. speaks ,  '' we have been friends since childhood and neither of us have ever been outside of these hills in our life so what we see here we feel is the same everywhere else , do you ever think about that ''?.  The other shepherd , J. looking out at his sheep and having to stop counting answered in a soft voice ,  '' no , with a grin on his face '' and started back to count sheep again , when his friend S. said ,  '' why are you counting , just like me you know exactly how many sheep you have and just like me you have 666 , never any more and never any less , but the only difference is all of your sheep are black where as mine are all white , do you ever think about that ''?.  J. , having to stop his count again , but with calm and in his soft voice answered ,  '' no , what is here is the same all over , black sheep and white sheep and the day will come when all will be taken away, this is what has been said since all shepherds have been counting sheep ''.
The two shepherds , J. and S. friends for all time and content with their way of life in their hills as it was and as it will always be , started to count sheep . Registered & Protected

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