Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two dogs , one black , one white and both loyal to the hand that feeds them are sitting on a bank of a paddie field in a hot sun , half dozing but alert to the sounds of their owners bent over planting rice and talking , some to themselves in a complaining tone which the dogs are use to hearing .  One of the workers slowly straightens himself up in a slow stretch and looking at the dogs says ,  '' It's a dogs life ''.  The black dog hearing this been said so many times asked the white dog ,  '' What does he mean it's a dogs life ''?  The white dog scratching himself answers ,  '' Our owners see only what they want to see and say only what they want to say in words that suit their feelings , even though they have it all up side down '' 
    '' That's funny '', said the black dog ,  '' They have their backs bent  for the most of the day , hands in mud and looking at the earth all their lives planting to survive , they are always up side down ''. The white dog stands up watching some movement in the water behind his owners back said ,  '' Yea ....... and every dog has his day ''. 
The two dogs now standing and alert watching the movement in the water making it's way towards ' the hand that feeds them '  barked 
'' SNAKE ''  and ran at full speed towards the paddie field . Registered & Protected

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